Board Composition

The EurAI Board is elected every two years by the EurAI General Assembly. Board members serve a two year term and are eligible for re-election twice.

The current Board, elected September 2020, has the following members:

Steven Schockaert (Treasurer)
Fredrik Heintz
Holger Hoos
Catholijn Jonker
Torsten Schaub
Carles Sierra (President)

The coordinates of the board members are available in the contact section .

EurAI was chaired by the following former EurAI Presidents:

1982-1986 Wolfgang Bibel (Germany)
1986-1988 Girard Guiho (France)
1988-1990 Margaret King (Switzerland)
1990-1992 Anthony G. Cohn (United Kingdom)
1992-1994 Oliviero Stock (Italy)
1994-1995 Jean-Pierre Laurent (France)
1995-1996 Nicolaas J.I. Mars (The Netherlands)
1996-2000 Wolfgang Wahlster (Germany)
2000-2004 Rob Milne (Scotland)
2004-2008 Werner Horn (Austria)
2008-2012 Gerhard Brewka (Germany)
2012-2014 Patrick Doherty (Sweden)
2014-2016 Michael Wooldridge (United Kingdom)
2016-2018 Gerhard Lakemeyer (Germany)
2018-2020 Barry O'Sullivan (Ireland)