Welcome to the European Association for Artificial Intelligence


The European Association for Artificial Intelligence EurAI (formerly ECCAI) was established in July 1982 as a representative body for the European Artificial Intelligence community. Its aim is to promote the study, research and application of Artificial Intelligence in Europe.

Current Announcements:

The next conferenceIJCAI-ECAI-2022,will take place in Vienna, Austria during the period July 23-29 2022, hosted by ZIF and the Kurt Goedel Society and with the support of ASAI, the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence.

15th May 2021 (12th April 2021): Call for Nominations: EurAI Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Award 2020

12th April 2021: Call for Nominations: EurAI Fellows 2021

15th June 2021: Call for Nominations: AAAI Squirrel AI Award for Artificial Intelligence for the Benefit of Humanity

6th July 2022: Call for Nominations: EurAI Distinguished Service Award 2022