2019 EurAI Dissertation Award

The 2019 Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Award sponsored by EurAI, the European Artificial Intelligence Association has been awarded to:

Dominik Peters

University of Oxford, UK

for his thesis:

Fair Division of the Commons

under the supervision of  Edith Elkind (University of Oxford, UK).

This Award includes a certificate signed by the EurAI President and 1.500 Euros (which include the travel grant for the Award ceremony).

The Selection Committee has decided to award, in addition, honourable mentions to both Avi Segal (Ben Gurion University, Israel) for his thesis "Intelligent Intervention Design in Large Scale Task Systems" and Markus Ulbricht (Leipzig University, Germany) for his thesis "Understanding Inconsistency - A Contribution to the Field of Non-monotonic Reasoning".

The EurAI Dissertation Award Presentation took place on August 31st at ECAI 2020 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.