What is EurAI?
According to Article 1 of the Charter it is "An international association with scientific and educational objectives called European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI) is hereby established.". In a General Assembly celebrated in 2015 the name was changed to the "EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR AI (EurAI)".
This Association is governed by the Belgian law of 25 October 1919, modified by the law of 6 December 1954.

What are the objectives of EurAI?
The objectives of the Association, which is non-profit making, are:

  1. to promote the science and technology of artificial intelligence in Europe.
  2. to promote the establishment of a European computer network.
  3. to encourage the teaching of artificial intelligence.
  4. to publish a European journal of information on artificial intelligence.
  5. to sponsor a biennial conference organized by one or more of the member societies.

How is composed EurAI?
The Association is composed of active members who have independent legal status. These members are scientific European associations concerned with artificial intelligence. They must have at least 25 members actively working in this field.

Membership request

Who can be part of EurAi?
EurAI is a federation of national associations. To become member of EurAI you simply have to become member of at least one of the national associations. Here you have the list of associations currently federated in EurAI.

Do I have to be a member of EurAi to be able to apply for the awards?
No. But before you apply for an award like the EurAI Dissertation Award, you must have applied to join at least in one of the national associations federated in EurAi at the time of application.