ACAI Courses

Usually on odd-numbered years, but not always, EurAI sponsors a specialized course in Artificial Intelligence, called Advanced Course on AI (ACAI).

The EurAI's 18th Advanced Course on AI (ACAI) will take place in Berlin from 11-15 October 2021. The main theme will be "Human-centred AI". For more information, please visit the 2021 ACAI School web.

Previous ACAIs took place in Vignieu, France in 1985; Oslo, Norway in 1987; Lugano, Switzerland in 1989; Bilbao, Spain in 1991; on the isle of Capri, Italy in 1993; in Perros-Guirrec, France in 1995; in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1997; in Chania, Greek Islands in 1999; in Prague, Czech Republic in 2001; in Bremen, Germany in 2003; in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2005; in Leuven, Belgium in 2007; in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2009; in Freiburg, Germany in 2011; in London, England in 2013; in Lille, France in 2015; in Nieuwpoort, Belgium in 2017; in Ferrara, Italy in 2018 and in Chania,Crete in 2019.